The fire of flamenco elements is taken to another level through colourful orchestration and the dynamic range of the Big Band.

In this symbiosis, characteristic flamenco harmonies and rhythms serve as a template for improvisation. Palmas, jaleos and phrygian chords provide a fresh folkloric context, launching jazz solos in a new direction.

The BvR Flamenco big band won first prize at the Meerjazz International Big Band Competition in 2014 and the Keep an Eye on Jazz records competition in 2015 . Their critically acclaimed debut album “Jaleo Holandés” was released at the 2015 Flamenco Biennale featuring Martijn Vink and Miguel Rodriguez.

Live shows also see the flamenco dance dimension represented, featuring varying guest bailaoras, among them Cristina Hall, Mathilde Anton and Irene Alvarez.

As well various international tours, they have performed at the Netherland’s major venues and festivals like Rotterdam International Jazz Festival, Bimhuis, North Sea Jazz festival, de Doelen, Jazz in Duketown, Amersfoort Jazz and Grachten Festival.

Bernard van Rossum- tenor_soprano saxophone, composition,arranging, directingBernard Van Rossum Tenor_soprano saxophone, composition,arranging, directing

1   Maria Mariin- voice, palmas_SMaría Marín- voice, palmas

Pablo Martínez- voice, palmas, percussion, trombone

2   Edsart Udo de Haes_SEdsart Udo de Haes

Miguel Hiroshi percussion cajón


1  Jasper van Damme_S Jasper van Damme

Joao DriessenJoao Driessen

5 Bruno van der Haegen_S Bruno van der Haegen

Fernando Sánchez

Miguel Ortega_SMiguel Ortega


1 Jos van de Heuvel_SJos van de Heuvel

2  Oliver Emit_SOliver Emit

3  Matthias Konrad_SMatthias Konrad

4 Haraldur Prastarson_SHaraldur Prastarson


1 Gerhard Ornig_SGerhard Ornig

2  Bruno Calvo_SBruno Calvo

3  Natanel Ramos_SNatanel Ramos

4 Evgeniy Bondarev_SEvgeniy Bondarev


1  Xavi Torres- piano_SXavi Torres

2 Marco Zenini- bass_SMarco Zenini

3 Joan Terol- drums_SJoan Terol- drums

Guest dancers

Cristina Hall_SCristina Hall


Irene Álvarez

Mathilde Fornelli-dance_SMathilde Fornelli